The department of Neonatology at Deep Hospital Ludhiana, provide comprehensive care for premature infants and high-risk term or near-term infants.

Deep Hospital's Neonatology department cares for patient babies less than 28 days of age and pre-term babies from 24 weeks of gestation. Our Department provides holistic care for the newborn babies and attends to cross referrals. We provides intensive care for all medical emergencies for sick newborn babies needing level III care. High-risk babies are being followed up to 1 month of age and care would be transferred to Pediatrics.

# Service - Neonatology
1 24 hour medical cover by experienced Neonatologist and Pediatricians
2 Well-trained nursing team and developmental supportive care
3 State of art neonatal unit giving level 3 care for sick newborns
4 Facility to care extreme preterm from 24 weeks gestation and very low birth weight babies
5 Advanced ventilator care including pressure support and volume guided ventilation
6 High frequency oscillatory ventilation and CPAP system
7 Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy for respiratory distress
8 In house neonatal echo, cranial ultrasound scanning and arterial blood gas monitoring
9 Retinopathy of prematurity screening and laser therapy
10 Neonatal hearing screen and BERA
11 Parenteral nutrition and surfactant therapy
12 Modern warmers, multipara monitors and syringe pumps
Highest Quality Care

Complete Medical Solutions in One Place

Over the years Deep Hospital at Model Town, Ludhiana has offered countless patients excellent treatment for various health issues. Being a general physician, this doctor handles a number of studies under this segment. Patients can visit the hospital for a consult for health issues for adults as well as infants. The doctors of Deep Hospital known to take care for the patients with an immense amount of sensitivity not just for their concerns but that of the family too.

Dr. Baldeep Singh, Director of Deep Hospital